If you live on the west coast the Bay Area is a great place to day trip.  There are 2 airports and plenty of ways to get around town.  Be it bus, BART, light rail, or cable car, San Francisco is an easy place to navigate.

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The BART from Oakland starts right next to the Coliseum.  On the way into the city you’re already seeing sites!

If you land early in the morning, there’s still something open to eat!

Like Dim Sum in Chinatown! How about some shumai for breakfast?

The markets open early too. Plenty of good people watching. You might even pickup an Asian pear or other snack along the way.

Coffee is a constant on a day trip, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up. Like this affogato.

No caption necessary here.  We’re at Fisherman’s Wharf!

We like to take these fishing boats out for a bay cruise. Instead of paying $50 for a big boat to drive you slowly around the bay, jump on a $15 fishing tour, bring your own beer, and get the same tour in about an hour.

What’s a visit to San Francisco without seafood?

Full crab and chowder in a famous sourdough bread bowl.

Of course we’re always on the hunt for new things. Ever had Burmese food?

We like to stay hydrated, but this is an optional part of the day trips. Here are some Lychee mimosas at B Star.

Always find time for breaks. Like stepping into this dark, quiet bar for a quick cocktail and game of pool.

Food food food! It’s half of the reason we do it.

Golden Boy Pizza isn’t just delicious, it’s a pretty cool place to hang if you can find a seat.


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